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As we age, the effects of gravity become more noticeable on our faces. The supporting tissue weakens and starts to sag, facial fat is lost, the jawline that used to be firm and tight jowls at the edges of the mouth that drift down towards the chin, and the lower face and neck sags. This sagging or dropping action of the tissue is referred to by doctors as ptosis (pronounced toe-sis) and we can start to see this naturally-occurring-process beginning in our 30’s (deep sigh!).

Traditionally, this tendency for one’s face to start to go ‘south’ would lead most people to a cosmetic surgeon in search of a facelift; however, there is now a less invasive procedure available which can lift, contour and suspend the sagging tissues of the face and neck; in those people who need only little to moderate rejuvenation.

What is Thread Lifting?

Thread lifting is a safe and effective technique which allows the repositioning of sagging skin tissue and encouraging it to become tighter. These threads work in two very effective ways; the first is that the threads have small barbs or tiny cones that work to engage the tissues and pull (and hold) in an upward direction, the second way these threads work to rejuvenate your facial tissues is by stimulating the body’s own production of collagen resulting in a tighter, uplifted profile. Both of these aspects result in continued improvement in rejuvenation for up to a year after the procedure.

This re-defines the facial contours and introduces new collagen. There are different kinds of thread systems which may be used to lift any part of the face, including the forehead, cheeks, jowls, jawline and neck tissue.


Silhouette Soft

Silhouette Soft is a new treatment offering a dual lift-and-collagen-regenerating effect. Using innovative bi-directional cone technology which allows firm repositioning of sagging tissues and stimulating the body’s own ability to produce lost collagen, resulting in a gradual and natural looking regenerated appearance. Silhouette Soft is a tailor-made treatment, that will be adapted to your needs and preferences, and can also be complemented with other aesthetic treatments.

Why choose Silhouette Soft?

Smooth or Mono threads

Smooth or Mono threads can be used to improve the texture/ quality of skin in troublesome regions such as lower cheeks and perioral regions that can become bulky with dermal filler treatments, again by stimulating the body’s own collagen production leading to continued improvement for months after the treatment itself has been undertaken. We can also achieve tightening of tissues under the chin- the typical ‘turkey neck’ or loose ‘double chin’ again using mono-threads by stimulating the body’s own collagen and also with a process of lipolysis whereby we actively breakdown the excess fat tissue that tends to accumulate in this region (by placing these threads in a slightly deeper position in the skin).Silhouette soft sinclair

Threading - Before and AfterThreading - Before After

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