IV DRIP treatments

IV DRIP treatments


IV therapy (or intravenous therapy) is a widely used method in medicine for blood transfusions and to deliver fluids, medications and nutrition directly into a personís bloodstream for a long time now. Attempts at providing intravenous therapy have been recorded as early as the late 1400s. Still, the practice did not become widespread until the mid-1950s after developing safe, effective use techniques.

Lately, the medical profession is beginning to come around to the idea of IV therapy being used not just for treating illness but also for optimising health. As itís become more popular and readily available in recent years, IV therapy using IV drips is also becoming known for a broader spectrum of benefits; from quick hangover relief to boosting the immune system.

Today, IV drip therapy treatments are not just for hospital patients. An increasing number of health-conscious people use IV therapy to get the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and medications they need to feel better and keep their bodies functioning properly.

But what exactly is IV therapy, and what do you need to know if you decide to give it a try? 

What is an IV drip?

An intravenous or IV drip delivers fluids and medications directly into the bloodstream through a vein using a fluid infusion of a set amount and duration. The drip rate can be adjusted to control the speed of administration.

How do IV drips work?

An IV drip delivers the essential nutrients and fluids directly into the bloodstream, bypassing your digestive tract. When supplements are taken orally, they have to be absorbed in the stomach and then transformed into useable forms by the liver. These processes lead to losses and waste of vitamins and nutrients as the absorption rate depends on your gut and liver health, your deficiencies, and how well your hormones are balanced, among other things.

By bypassing your digestive system, IV therapy ensures the maximum possible absorption and effectiveness of nutrients entering the body. Intravenous administration of vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants achieves a far higher concentration and absorption of these nutrients compared with taking oral supplements.

What are the health benefits of IV therapy?

IV therapy can deliver a range of health and wellness benefits, providing the necessary nutrients your body needs to:

  • Boost the immune health
  • Treat certain nutrient deficiencies
  • Boost energy levels
  • Improve mental clarity and cognitive function
  • Prevent the damaging effects of free radicals
  • Strengthen hair, nails, skin, and eyes
  • Provide fast and adequate hydration
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Support muscle recovery
  • Maintain healthy muscle and tissue
  • Act as part of a recovery plan after a competition or intense workout
  • Relieve hangover and jet lag symptoms
  • Support healthy weight loss
  • Assist addiction recovery alongside a complete addiction recovery program

Is a one-off IV drip enough, or is a multiple-drip course recommended?

Here at Effect Doctors, we take a customised approach to suit the individual needs of our clients that will help them achieve their specific health goals. Our doctors will consult with you and recommend how often you can get IV treatments based on your medical history, lifestyle, and individual needs. 

In some cases, a one-off drip may be suitable for boosting energy levels during a busy work week, beating jet lag tiredness, or helping fight off an infection. For preventative health and wellness, we recommend a course of treatment consisting of 1-2 IV drips monthly. 

How can Effect Doctors help? 

As one of Londonís leading IV Drip clinics, we offer a unique range of intravenous drips, all of which are administered by our team of trained doctors. We pride ourselves on employing only the highest quality staff members, all of whom are fully qualified with years of experience. We were founded by NHS doctors, whoíve also developed our range of IV drips and treatments. You can find out more about our staff on our Meet the Team page.

While we have our state of the art clinic in London (weíre a 5-minute walk from Sloane Square, right off the Kingís Road in the heart of Chelsea), we know that a number of our customers would prefer to have their treatment in the comfort of their own homes. So if you are located in London, one of our team will come to your home for a private session for an additional fee. They will get everything set up for your IV therapy and be on hand throughout your session. If youíd like to know more about booking an IV drip at home, please contact our team.

What marks us out from our competitors?

Many companies only offer vitamin drips. Effect Doctors, on the other hand, donít just provide ready-made IV bags. Each of our IV drips contains a different combination of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes tailored to your specific needs. Our truly isotonic and pH neutral base solution is considerably more advanced than most of our competitors, and we carry over 100 different medications and ingredients in stock. 

Our IV drips can contain whatever you desire from combinations of amino acids, pharmaceutical drugs, including anti-inflammatory, anti-sickness, analgesic medications, high dose electrolytes (such as magnesium), and nootropic agents to a wide range of vitamins. Many of these drugs need to be prescribed by a doctor. We have doctors and nurses on duty every day, and our back-end systems enable real-time communication between them and, in turn, real-time prescriptions. We are also able to perform and analyse blood tests and target specific deficiencies.

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